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Medical Consultation

About Us

Our Mission

To provide quality comprehensive primary and 

preventive health care to  the many uninsured, 

under-insured and low income residents without 

regard to gender, ethnicity, race and ability to pay.

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To set a new standard of professionalism, business practices and corporate protocols for Federally Qualified Health Centers via new relationships and business outreach to forward our cause in expansion.


This can be achieved via the improvement of overall patient care with new and innovative patient outcome using 21st century technology for tracking patient care and visits, using our ever-expanding database and analysis of our current and expending demographic.


QCHC firmly believes in a values-based culture. The acronym QCHC reflects those values.


Quality: We are committed to providing quality health care to everyone regardless of ability to pay.

Health: We are committed to improving/stabilizing the health status of members of our community via the delivery of primary and preventive health care services and empowering our patients to actively take part in the status of his/her health.

Community: We are committed to ensuring that preventive and primary health care 

services are accessible and available to all members of our community.

Care: We are committed to providing health care services with dignity and respect. That's what keeps us thriving and striving to serve you!

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