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Medical Frequently Asked Questions

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What insurances do you accept? Medical & Dental? Aetna PPO. Medicare. Medicaid AmeriHealth. Assurant. Blue cross. Carpenters Health. Welfare, (Cigna PPO, HMO, DHMO, Health springs) Delta care USA, PPO. Dominion. Fidelio. Gateway. Guardian. Avesis Humana. Keystone First. MetLife. Meritain. PAHW. UCCI UHC. UPMC.

Who are the providers? Marshall Gardner, DO Wanda Cacho, CRNP Davin Cheng, CRNP Andrea Hensley, PA-C E. Cindy Lendor, M.D. (Monday's only)

Do I need an appointment? No, you do not need an appointment to visit QCHC, Walk-ins are welcome!

What should I do if I think I have COVID 19? If you’re experiencing a fever, cough or other symptoms, keep track of your symptoms and self-quarantine. In the midst of the COVID outbreak, patients are also experiencing seasonal concerns like allergies. If you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, please contact QCHC to have your symptoms evaluated

Can I pay my bill online? YES, you can make online payments by visiting our patient portal.

I have a billing-related question. Who do I contact? For billing-related questions please call (267) 227-0300 ext. 7316

Medical Consultation

Does QCHC give physical exams? Yes, QCHC offers physical exams for work, school, camp, and sports.

When do you offer OB/GYN? Our Ob/Gyn day are Monday's

Dental Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dental services does the Oral Health Department at QCHC inc. provide? The oral health practitioners provide the following care: Routine and emergency examination. Fillings. Crowns and bridges. Extractions. Prophylaxis (aka cleaning) for patients of all ages. Scaling and Root Planting (aka ‘deep cleaning’). Fluoride treatment for children and adolescents. Dentures: Partial and complete dentures. Referrals to specialists, as needed

What kind of dental services are not provided by the Oral Health Department at QCHC inc.? Being a federally funded entity, we are dedicated to providing basic oral health care. We do not offer any cosmetic procedures; for example: bleaching of teeth, implant-supported dental appliance and gold restorations (this applies also to adding gold tooth in dentures).

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When and how frequently do you need to see a dentist? Even for the healthiest individuals, coming to the dentist once every 6 months is recommended. That way we can monitor if there is any new cavity or gum disease and can intervene early enough to bring the condition under control. We can also monitor certain diet habit along with the oral hygiene practice to determine the deficiencies and advise improvements accordingly. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, all children must have their 1st dental visit by their 1st birthday. We also abide by that recommendation and encourage the parents to bring in their children, so that we can proactively minimize dental problems in children. All the necessary dental clearance forms are issued for admission to school at the same time.

Why do you need regular dental maintenance? It is very easy to get plaque buildup even after getting a professional cleaning done, if the oral hygiene is not impeccable. Once the plaque hardens to form calculus (aka tartar), it cannot be removed with regular brushing and flossing. Such buildup harbors more germs and if untreated, leads to gradual destruction of the bone and surrounding tissue and later, results in full-blown gum disease. That is why maintenance once every 6 months is recommended. Individuals with already established gum disease may require more frequent maintenance schedule (e.g., once every 3-4 months). Usually, Diabetes Mellitus and smoking too have been associated with gum disease and, therefore, requires routine maintenance. In many cases, early detection of caries can eliminate unnecessary discomfort and dental abscess. Such teeth can easily be restored with fillings to avoid tooth extraction.

What happens at the first dental visit? On the first visit, we dedicate the time to get to know you and for establishing your records. That is why you can expect to fill out a series of forms. A significant amount of time is also dedicated for identity and insurance verification. On the clinical side, we take x-rays and perform a thorough evaluation to come up with a treatment plan. The doctor then gets you scheduled for additional appointment for the recommended procedures. All of these steps are time-consuming. So, it is advisable that you come at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. You should schedule two (2) appointment for the first day – one (1) with the dentist for the exam and x-rays and one (1) with the hygienist for the cleaning, if you are coming in for the first time and would also like to get your teeth cleaned.

How can you prepare for the first dental visit? Come at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Bring with you the following: Identification card, Social security card, Insurance card, Any co-pay that you might have, Any referral that might have been issued by your previous dentist, List of medical conditions and medications that you are on, Contact information for your medical doctor(s), Information for emergency contact person(s), Any medical clearance that you might have obtained (especially, for pregnant women and individuals with severely compromised health). Previous dental records that you might have (especially, if you had any recent x-rays).

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