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We are committed to partnering with other organizations within the community to make healthcare accessible to everyone. Whether it’s through free clinics, health fairs, or other initiatives, we are constantly working to improve the overall health and well-being of the community.

All About Community

We’ll be participating in a variety of upcoming events. Come and find us at the next one, we’re excited to meet you!  

Health: We are committed to improving/stabilizing the health status of members of our community via the delivery of primary and preventive health care services and empowering our patients to actively take part in the status of his/her healh.


Interacting with our community inside and out of our health center is the #1 thing we love to do! Next time you see us out, come say hi!

Care: We are committed to providing health care services with dignity and respect. fhsdhshhsuhsuhshuhdshhdhdssih

Partner with Us!

We'd love to hear how QCHC can partner with your organization to better serve your patients and your community. 

Thanks for submitting!

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