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Many Americans don't know important numbers for cholesterol and blood pressure, study shows

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Do you know your numbers, things like cholesterol and blood pressure? A new national survey shows many Americans don't.

It's important to know your numbers because you usually don't feel things like high blood pressure or cholesterol.

Symptoms of heart disease aren't always obvious. Despite being young and active, Erica Hutson has had high cholesterol since her 20s.

"It was like, how is this possible? Having high cholesterol is because you're unhealthy," she said.

Hutson said she didn't want to take medication because she was starting a family. Then her father died of coronary artery disease when she was in her 30s.

"It makes you think about things a little bit differently. Even though my diet and exercise was going pretty well, we needed to do more," she said.

Most Americans don't know the numbers that can help predict heart disease.

Less than half know their blood pressure or healthy weight, and less than........

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Source: CBS

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