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The Holiday Mental Health Survival Guide

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Nearly a third of all Americans anticipate being more stressed out this holiday season compared to last year, according to new research from the American Psychiatric Association. But there are some ways to cope with holiday stress. 

Don't let the Grinch steal your holiday joy. Experts say taking control of a few key elements can help make this a joyful season.

"Inflation is an insane stress right now! I mean everything is way more expensive," shopper Alex Strahle said.

"There's a lot of negativity going on not just here, but all around," shopper Josh Kesler said. Added to those worries, there's all the holiday shopping, travel headaches, family gatherings and more.

"We have visions of the perfect holiday season and how it's supposed to go," said Dr. Philip Izzo, a psychiatrist with Main Line Health.

Izzo says people should manage even lower their expectations.

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Source: CBS NEWS

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