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Breast cancer: How to do a self-examination

Early detection and treatment can increase the chance of surviving breast cancer. Knowing how to detect changes in the breast and spot the symptoms can play an essential role in treating the condition.

Practicing monthly breast self-examination can help detect irregularities or changes that may indicate cancer. However, there are currently no standard guidelinesTrusted Source on when or how to perform these self-exams.

The American Cancer Society (ACS)Trusted Source does not recommend regular clinical breast exams or breast self-exams as part of a routine breast cancer screening schedule.

This is due to the risk of receiving a false-positive result, which could lead to unnecessary treatment or anxiety. In addition, physical self-exams cannot detect every kind of breast cancer.

However, the ACS acknowledges that people should be familiar with how their breasts usually look and feel. One way of doing this is through...........

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